Meg and Kadesha's Eco-Friendly Wedding Album

Delivering a wedding album is like putting the whipped cream and cherry on top of a beautiful ice cream Sundae. So much fun to see their faces and hear their comments, as a couple looks through their finished album for the first time. We had the pleasure of delivering Meg and Kadesha's awesome album a couple of weekends ago.

Meg: I love it. This is so cool. 

Kadesha: That’s awesome.

Getting ready album spread, lesbian wedding

Meg: That’s one of my favorites. Wow

Kadesha: Look at you


Meg:  This is a great one. I love that you can see everybody in this one. This is the screensaver on my computer, actually.

Kadesha: Yeah.

Meg: Awesome.

Kadesha: Perfect. Thank you, so much!

Meg: It's perfect, perfect, perfect.