The Christian Science Monitor on Vendors for Gay Weddings

When Warren Richey from the Christian Science Monitor called our office searching for someone to interview about gay-friendly wedding vendors, I jumped at the chance to answer his questions.

After the phone call interview, I waited for more than a month to see how well Richey captured the essence of what I said.

After reading the story, I must say, he nailed it. Even the headline writer captured the essence of what Sharon and I have been working to do since we started Cindy and Sharon | Same Sex Wedding Photographers -- Help Gay Couples Find Wedding Joy Without Rejection.

In a series of emails with Mr Richey after the publication of the story, I found out that his editor wanted to paraphrase some of my comments, but Mr. Richey fought to keep my words as spoken. "I told him that we needed your voice in this story and that we needed to let you say it in your own way," wrote Richey.

This article was the last in a series of articles exploring how the legalization of gay marriage has called into question our notion of religious liberty.

" I was trying to be respectful and understanding of both sides." Richey wrote about the series in an email to me. "As a result, I've been criticized by both sides. So I guess maybe I did something right."

I have to say that his series gave me a new understanding of those on the other side of the debate. Pushing ourselves to understand others, in my opinion, is always a good thing.

Check out the series. Then let me know what you think.