Getting ready for the Ultimate Same Sex Wedding Expo

If you're like my wife, Sharon, and me, you are anxiously awaiting a positive decision on marriage equality from the Supreme Court. 

The folks at Elebrations have scheduled their new Ultimate Same Sex Wedding Experience Expo for July 26th, on the heels of a late June court decision. And we're excited to be gold sponsors of the event, which we hope will be a huge celebration.

Right now we're pulling together everything we need for the show, which at this point in time means creating a new sample album.

We always bring album samples to wedding shows and it doesn't make sense to keep using the same old samples. (After several years, they start to look outdated, plus over the years we've gotten better at what we do and we want to show our latest and greatest work. :))

Plus, every now and then we see the need for a different product in our album line. This year we've decided to add a large magazine-style book from the folks at Woodland Albums. The coffee-table style book can hold up to 150 pages and comes in a choice of 22 different silk or linen covers.


Check out the design for our sample album and let us know what you think.

Robert and Joseph Sweet Album Sample

Thanks to our clients and now friends, Robert and Joseph, for allowing us to use the photographs we took at their awesome Barnsley Gardens wedding to create our sample book.

Help us choose the cover for the book. Which one should we use?

Leave us a comment to let us know your favorite.

Leave us a comment to let us know your favorite.

Oh, and please stop by our booth at the show to see what the finished product looks like.