Jamie and Daniel's Album

The story wedding  photographs are designed to tell  comes to life when the images are sequenced and combined in book form. The right photos along with  a little bit of  design mojo, and voila you have a beautiful book full of images that collectively evoke the full spectrum of events and feelings of the perfect day.

Our  album design process is collaborative. We create a design draft utilizing the photographs we feel best tell the story. And then we post the draft for you, the newlyweds and eventual album owners,  to respond to. Sometimes we hit the nail on the head and no revisions are necessary. Other times we leave out a special aunt or uncle or include a not so special aunt or uncle and return a few spreads to the drawing board.

The final product is always a delight to share.

Here are  the cover and few favorite spreads from Jamie and Daniel's coffee table book design.

gay wedding album
atrium gay wedding
outdoor wedding at night
the atrium norcross wedding
purple wedding details
reception dancing at the atrium